Carli Suspension New Website and Lift Kit Structure

All New Carli Website, Pricing and Kit Structure

We at 8LUG are 99.9% up to date with Carli’s big changes!

Carli Suspension recently did a complete overhaul on their complete line up of products and systems. Along with this came a completely new website, new part numbers, new pricing, and new kit structure. Most of this was done to make their kits more modular in nature allowing customers to add or subtract certain options based on personal needs and wants. So we in turn have spent the last month or so updating and restructuring our website to reflect all of these changes. After a lot of fine tuning (and a lot of phone calls and emails back and forth with Radio at Carli) we think that were are 99.9% there. Check out the new layout at the links below and let us know if you see anything that we missed.

Carli Suspension's New Site

It would be impossible to explain all of the changes in this email so it would be best to just check out the links below. Some sections changed more than others based on vehicle options. A good example would be for 03-12 Power Wagon owners. You can now order many of the 3″ systems without the end links and mini packs as those are not applicable or needed on those trucks.

03 – 12 Ram 2500/3500

13+ 3500 Ram

14+ 2500 Ram

09+ 1500 Ram

05-16 Ford F250/F350

2017 Ford F250/F350

99-04 Ford Excursion