Dirty Life Wheels at 8LUG Truck Gear

Introducing: Dirty Life Wheels

New Product Offering:
Dirty Life Race Wheels!

Designed, developed and engineered by some of the world’s top wheel minds,  Dirty Life Race Wheels creates the most reliable wheels available for race and street applications. We employ cutting edge technology and the most advanced engineering to shape a meticulous wheel that delivers substantial quality and steadfast performance in the most rigorous environments. 

From road to rocks, mud to sand, Dirty Life Race Wheels gets you through every part of your journey.

Check ’em Out

Ironman 9300

RoadKill 9301

Dual-Tek-l 9303

Accessories for DT (Dual-Tek Wheels)

The Rash Ring or Simulated Beadlock ring is for street legal DOT use. The Beadlock Ring is for Offroad use only. No longer do you have to change wheels to change adventures, just change your wheel rings!