Carli Dodge Backcountry 2.0 with Fox Shocks Now Available

Carli Suspension Fox Shocks Backcountry Kit 8LUG Truck Gear

The time has come! The ever anticipated swap from the Bilstein 5160s to the Fox 2.0 remote resi shocks has finally arrived for the 03-12 Ram 2500/3500 owners! These new kits now feature specific shock tuning for the 03-09 and 10-12 trucks in the 3″ lift height. The 6″ version is also receiving the upgrade to the aluminum bodied Fox 2.0 remote reservoir shocks. We’ll let you know when the 6″ inch version is available.

After many years of success with the original Backcountry system being their most popular system, Carli has refused to rest on it laurels. With the application of the Fox 2.0 IFP’s and Resi shocks doing well in other Carli systems, they have chosed to step things up with the original Ram Backcountry kit. This kit will now feature Fox 2.0 Resi shocks and Sage has also revisited the shock tuning. These shocks now have 03-09 and 10-12 specific tuning to better compliment the different vehicle weights and coils springs used in the various systems.

This system was developed for outstanding on-road ride quality, while providing heightened abilities off-road. Custom FOX Shocks with our own proprietary tuning provide enhanced comfort and control while still delivering an off-road punch. The FOX 2.0 Shocks are built specifically for Carli using their unique Aluminium Extrusion process, giving these shocks corrosion resistance to help last through the winters to come. Press-in Bushings provide noise damping as well as extending service life in extreme environments. Your truck will sit higher, level, have more wheel travel, plush ride quality and OEM towing and weight carrying capacity.

These systems are now available and shipping!

Carli / Fox Shock technology:

  • The most wheel travel out of any bolt-on suspension system
  • Custom tuned the ride quality
  • The Fox 2.0 remote reservoir shock was blueprinted using our system specifications and comes with our custom shock tune

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